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In cooperation with The National Olympic and Sports Association of Iceland and Reykjavik University coaches, participants and other interested are invited to follow some very interesting lectures. The lectures are a part of RIG 2019 and will take place at Reykjavik University, Menntavegi 1, 101 Reykjavik.

This year the conference will be about safe sport and will take place January 30th and 31st from 9 - 16. There will be lectures the first day and workshops the second day. More information will be awailable closer to the event. 


Previous conferences 


Here below you can check out the lectures from our last conference 2017:

Dope control and supplements :

Ronald J. Maughan

Michael Rasmussen

Hajo Seppelt

Good management :

Jane Allen

Michael Pedersen

Duffy Mahoney


Speakers at RIG lectures 2010 - 2017

Name Year  Nationality Sport 
Jane Allen 2017 British Gymnastics
Duffy Mahoney 2017 USA  Athletics
Michael Pedersen 2017 Danish  
Hajo Seppelt 2017 Finnish Reporter
Michael Rasmussen 2017 Danish Cycling
Dr. Ron Maughan 2017 British  
Dr. Ronald Kipp 2016 USA Skiing
Jacky Pellarin 2016 French Swimming
Dr. Michail Tonkonogi 2016 Russian Powerlifting
Dwain Chambers 2016 British Athletics
Dr. Antonio URSO 2015 Italian Weight lifting
Colin Jackson 2015 Wales Athletics
Dietmar Chounard 2014 Deutch Athletics
Jesper Frigast Larsen 2014 Danish NOC
Dr. Patrick O-Neil 2014 USA Figure skating
Peter Gade 2014 Danish Badminton
Dr. Mike Callan 2013 Irish Judo
Barbara Nagode Ambroz 2013 Slovenian Dance
Harvey S. Newton 2013 USA Olympic Weightlifting
Agne Bergvall 2012 Sweden Athletics
Didier Seyfried 2012 French Swimming
Hans Söndergaard 2012 Danish Cycling
Kathleen Smet 2011 Belgian Triathlon
Finn Zachariassen  2010 Norwegian  Swimming

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