January 28th. 2018 

Powerlifting is the ultimate strength competition. The powerlifting athlete competes
in three specific disciplines designed to measure different areas of human strength.
The disciplines, in contest order, are the squat, benchpress and deadlift. The sum or
total of the best lift in each discipline determines the winner. Specially designed
powerlifting gear is used in equipped competitions. In unequipped, or classic powerlifting, use of gear is not allowed.

The 2018 RIG Powerlifting competition will take place in Laugardalsholl Sports
on January 28th organized by Ármann Powerlifting club and sancdioned by the Icelandic Powerlifting Federation.

It will be a classic powerlifting meet, invitation only. Ten men and ten women, national and international lifters, are invited to participate. The meet is on the calendar of the International Powerlifting Federation IPF and conducted to IPF and WADA rules.

Gold, silver and bronze medals will be awarded for the first, second and third places scoring on Wilks points both for men and women. The RIG cups are awarded the highest scoring lifters, male and female.

On the list of competitors we find athletes from the UK, Italy and the USA together with the strongest Icelandic lifters; Júlían J.K. Jóhannsson, Viktor Samúelsson, Einar Örn Guðnason and Rósa Birgisdóttir  to name a few. Some of our most promising young lifters have also been invited to take part in the meet.

The audience can expect a spectacular and exciting competiton.

Homepage : kraft.is 
Facebook page:  KRAFTIS
Meet director:
Gry Ek Gunnarsson
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