Figure Skating 2016

This will be the 8th year that figure skating is part of the Reykjavík International Games, the second year on the list of ISU.   It is a pleasure to welcome figure skaters from figure skating clubs and national figure skating federations associated with the ISU to participate in this ISU figure skating competition within the following categories: 

Senior men and Senior ladies (short program and free skating)
Junior men and Junior ladies (short program and free skating)
Novice Advanced boys and Novice Advanced girls (short program and free skating)

Entry fee

An entry fee of € 85 per single skater will be asked and has to be paid with the official entry by name. Invoices will be sent to the federations in advance.


The figure skating competition takes place in Skautahöllin in Laugardalur.  The ice rink is located in the beautiful valley Laugardalur, close to the center of Reykjavík, about 40 minutes drive from the Keflavik International airport.  The ice rink size is 30x60 meters.

The RIG figure skating competition is organized by the Icelandic Skating Association and the Figure Skating Club of Reykjavik.  For more information contact:

Skautasamband Íslands / Icelandic Skating Association
Engjavegi 6
104 Reykjavik
E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Schedule (subject to change):

Thursday, January 21

19:00 Draw for competitors, in presence of referee or representative of referee, at the ÍSS office

Friday, January 22

Official practice
10:00  Official Practice Advanced Novice Girls - SP

RIG ISU Competition
15:00  Competition Advanced Novice Girls SP

Draw for Advanced Novice Girls Free Program will be at the ice rink at the conclusion of SP

RIG Interclub Competition
16:50  Competition 14 years and younger B
17:40  Competition Junior B
18:05  Ice resurface
18:20  Competition 8 years and younger A
18:35  Competition 10 years and younger A
19:00  Competition 12 years and younger A
20:05  Northern Lights Synchro Team
20:15  Award Ceremony for RIG Interclub competition groups

Saturday, January 23

Official practice
07:50  Official Practice Advanced Novice Girls - FP
08:40  Ice resurface
08:55  Official Practice Junior Men and Ladies - SP
09:45  Ice resurface
10:00  Official Practice Junior Ladies - SP
10:50  Ice resurface
11:05 Official Practice Senior Ladies - SP

RIG ISU Competition
12:30  Competition Advanced Novice Girls - FP
14:00  Ice resurface
14:15  Competition Junior Men - SP
14:35  Competition Junior Ladies - SP
15:45  Ice resurface
16:05  Competition Junior Ladies - SP
17:25  Ice resurface
17:40  Competition Senior Ladies - SP

Draw for Senior and Junior Free Program will be at the ice rink at the conclusion of SP

Sunday, January 24

Official Practice
07:00  Official Practice Junior Men and Ladies - FP
09:00 Ice resurface
09:15  Official Practice Senior Ladies  - FP

RIG ISU Competition
11:00 Competition Junior Men - FP
11:15 Competition Junior Ladies - FP
12:30 Ice resurface
12:50 Competition Junior Ladies - FP
14:10 Ice resurface
14:25  Competition Senior Ladies - FP
16:00 Award Ceremony for RIG ISU competition groups

All information on the RIG figure skating competition can be found here