January 27. - 29. 

The Reykjavik International Games have been held every year since 1989 in the Laugardalur Swimming Pool. Many foreign swimmers have found their way to Iceland and participated in the tournament through the years. Swimmers from Sweden, Norway, Czech Republic, Denmark, Germany, Russia, Finland, Slovakia, USA and Faroe Islands have visited Iceland and participated in the Reykjavik International Games.

The Reykjavik International Games are now held in a 50x25m indoor pool in Laugardalur which was opened in January 2005. Internationally experienced referees have been invited to conduct the technical part of the competition. Participation in Reykjavik International Games gives you also a great opportunity to plan a training camp for your team before or after the competition.

Here you can see the schedule and follow the results of the swimming competition:

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Ingibjörg Helga Arnardóttir
Tel: +354 770 6066
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