Brian Marshall

February 2nd - Children´s and youth sports / Íþróttir barna og unglinga

"Abusive and inappropriate coaching behaviours do not happen in a vacuum! They are supported by the environment around them. How can we change this?"

Cases of abusive or inappropriate coaching behaviours continue to happen around the world. Why? How are these coaches given access to athletes and permitted to cause harm, often within an environment that “accepts” or “supports” that coach? How can our sporting communities (from federation action to parental mindsets) create environments where such coaches cannot take root?

February 2nd - Management of sport clubs / Stjórnun íþróttafélaga

"Your training / club culture will either work for you or against you! How to understand and choose the culture that will work for you."

A club / training culture that is positive and in alignment is a critical factor for a team’s sustained success. Do you need to transform your culture? What should it look like - and how do you go about changing it? These questions will be addressed in this presentation.

Brian Marshall

Brian Marshall is the performance director and National Coach for para-swimming in Denmark and a high-performance consultant for the Finnish Swimming Federation. He is also a club development manager at FREM-Odense in Denmark, as well as researching the development of high-performance training cultures. Brian is a former Olympic swimming coach.


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