Else-Marthe Sørlie Lybekk

February 1st - Coaching Elite Athletes / Þjálfun Afreksíþróttafólks

Why does Norway win so many medals at the Olympics?

How do you become the best? So good that the whole world wants to watch you and so good that the whole world holds its breath?

Behind every big moment, there are thousands of tiny moments. Ordinary days filled with extraordinary ambitions, passion, ambition and dedication.

Olympiatoppen, the elite sport department in the Norwegian sport federation, works to makes the best athletes even better, to help more athletes to reach a world class level and to create development opportunities for the next generation of athletes. This session will explain Olympiatoppen’s mandate - built on the Norwegian sport model.

February 2nd - Children´s and youth Sports / Þjálfun barna og unglinga

The Norwegian model

Else-Marthe Sørlie Lybekk

Else-Marthe Sørlie Lybekk works today as an “Assisting Secretary General” in the Norwegian Sports Federation and Olympic and Paralympic Committee.

She has an Olympic gold medal in handball from Beijing 2008 and a bronze medal from Sydney 2000. She is also World Champion and European champion (x3) in Handball.

After her career she built the program “Healthy sports for young women” in Norway, and she worked 7 years as “Head of performance an R&D” at Olympiatoppen, the elite sport department for all sport in Norway.


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