Urban Johnson

February 1st - Coaching Elite Athletes / Þjálfun afreksfólks

"Psychology and injury prevention"

Urban Johnson will present some researches on both psychological factors that may precede the occurrence of injuries among competitive athletes, also psychological factors that influence the rehabilitation and practical implications of presented results for both coaches and the sports medicine staff.

February 2nd - Children´s and youth sports / Íþróttir barna og unglinga

"The Droup-out in children and youth team sport"

Urban will focus on practical applications concerning research on effects of sport participation, common risk factors for dropout from team sport, and how sport federations may work to facilitate continued sport participation among young people.

Urban Johnson is Professor in Sport & Exercise Psychology at Halmstad University, Sweden.

He has an elite-trainer certificate in handball, in which he has worked as a coach for many years. Besides playing handball and soccer at younger ages, he has a long history as a runner, cyclist and a triathlete. His main research focus is about psychological aspects of sports injury, prevention, rehabilitation and intervention. Hel also conducts research in areas such as health psychology and exercise science. Dr. Johnson has vast experience in working with applied sport psychology, especially for team sport athletes in elite contexts such as soccer, handball and volleyball. Among other things he has been a longtime member of the Medical Committee at the Swedish Football Federation, and a member of the scientific committee at the Swedish National Centre for Research in Sports. He was a member of the managing council of European Federation of Sport Psychology 2003-2011.


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