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The city of Reykjavík welcomes sports participants to a multi-sport competition in Laugardalur every year in January/February

16th Reykjavik International Games 2023


The 16th Reykjavik International Games will be held from January 27th and until February 5th 2023.

In 2000 the games were held with 3000 participants from more than 45 different countries., thereof 100 foreign guests. This was by far the largest field to participate in the Games, which were described by Gustaf Adolf Hjaltason, the president of the Organizing Committee as "the largest, most spectacular and diversified Games ever".

Competitions took place in 20 different disciplines ranging from karate, athletics, swimming and weightlifting to climbing, darts and cross-fit, which were three of five new disciplines introduced at the Games for the first time,  also including enduro cycling and e-racing.   One world record was set in power-lifting, where the field included both former World and European champions.  Needless to say, a vast number of Icelandic records did not survive the fierce competitions at the Games, which are primarily organized to provide stiff, international competition for top Icelandic athletes.

The 15th edition of the Reykjavík International Games will be held January/February 2022.

About the Games

Reykjavik International Games is a big sports feast where there will be competition in about 20 individual sports. Most of the sessions are in Laugardalur and nearby districts. The competition divides on two weekends and a conference is also part of the program.

The games are held over two weekends, last weekend in January and first in February every year. It's the Reykjavík Sports Union in cooperation with the national sports associations and the sports clubs in Reykjavik that organise the games.

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