RIG celebrations

On Sunday January 28th and Sunday February 4th there will be a big RIG celebration 
in the Laugardalsholl Sports Hall. The winners in each sport category will receive special 
prizes after some great entertainment with music and other fun stuff. 
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Eating out

Around 15 restaurants are within walking distance of the Laugardalur area. 
The Icelandic restaurant scene is characterized by an imaginative use of 
pure Icelandic ingredients such as fresh fish and seafood, organic lamb 
and wild game.

Reykjavík has an astounding variety of restaurants, offering both traditional 
and international cuisine cooked using the finest ingredients. Cafés and 
coffee shops are abundant in Reykjavík city centre. There is practically one 
on every street corner, but each one has a defining ingredient that makes it special.

Visit Reykjavik can help you find a restaurant of your choice


  • Merki Suzuki
  • Merki Mennta og menningarmálaráðuneytisins